We understand the power in product sampling.

Chill has a proven record driving big results on some big campaigns. With a decade of experience supporting our client’s behind the scenes & back end logistics – we know what works & what doesn’t. We understand product sampling can be a very powerful way to generate awareness, stimulate the product trial process & convert, if properly done. All too often, we have also seen the common product sampling mistakes – from the wrong product size, the wrong medium of distribution for sampling & destructive cost cutting that undermines the benefits of the product sampling campaign. Our own data collection, insights & knowledge gives us an edge over other suppliers.

Knowledge is only powerful when shared. If you want expert advice about your next sampling project with successful deployment – making your product easy to experience, Chill deliver strategic guidance & value, driving your ideas into action with a high level of detail. Have a chat with Andrew or Alex to discuss the best solution for you.

With us you can relax and ‘chill’ knowing that we:

  • take care of the hassle of holding small quantities of marketing stock.
  • hold, pick & pack stock in any quantity.
  • pack stock & deliver to your client as specified.
  • have temperature controlled vehicles.
  • we cover everything from transporting refrigerated & non-refrigerated goods such as dairy, cereals to confectionery.
  • packing & fulfillment of products, even setting up, cleaning & maintaining your promotional collateral.
  • look after all aspects of OH&S, warehousing & storage of your valuable asset’s.
  • are super helpful, enthusiastic & proactive to ensure the activity runs to plan! Does your current supplier understand your objectives?

You wouldn’t risk the lifeblood of your new product – so why would you consider engaging a supplier who doesn’t want to understand your brand! We provide you with effective logistical advice to avoid the pitfalls to make your product easy to experience!